Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Americas got talent

I haven't seen less talent then when I watch this show. I dont care if there is a sword swallowing dog who can fart the alphabet and impersonate Christopher Walken. Youtube should just go primetime and give us all the chance to be idiots in front of 10 million viewers a night. Sponsired by anusol. Technorati Profile

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Since the beginning of time individuals with similar ideals, stregnths, weaknessess, loves, hates, and geographics have united to become one. They walked the plains, and the streets, and the web leaving their markings-their tags to show where they've been and who they are.

We are Street Ink Media. We walk the plains, the streets and the web and everywhere in between. I doesn't matter where you are we've been there...If we haven't we will be, and like Marlon Brando and the BRMC your town will be ours. You will know us from the echos worlds away. Mouths will spill our names and whispers will carry our message.

When you're part of Street're blood. You always have a brother in arms. Everyone will know your name, know who you are, and know who you're with.

We're not just a PR company. We're a crew.

SI 'til death!